Filadora: a woman's passion

A style, an attitude, a clear vision that focuses on the art of doing. A vision of a woman. A vision that becomes pure scents.

With the usual curiosity for everything that is not granted and the passion for simplicity that marks her way of being, Antonella Coppola discovered these hills, years ago and fell in love with the fragrances that near mountain breezes spread on these slopes, the rich wildlife, the wisdom of the people on growing cold weather-resistant species but generous on fruits. She decided to commit on recovering and developing the native grapes varieties which were maturing on those hills since ever and to draw the best from the genuine local tradition, applying the most advanced methods of cultivation on reaching product quality excellence

Antonella now leads with passion, along with his son Andrea, a family wine farm, which operates according to the highest quality standards on ensuring excellent not common, artisan wines.

Filadora HISTORY